Why you're wasting your hackathon audience / by Murray Hurps

My number one love in life is my fiancée (hey honey!).

My number two love is startups, and the talented and motivated people that it takes to make them happen.

I love the feeling at startup pitching events, when these talented, motivated people get to stand up and prove to a room why their idea is worth paying attention to.

You can feel the energy in the room, the nerves, and the potential that could be unveiled at any moment.

But there’s always a moment where you look around the room and wonder:

How much experience and talent is in this audience, being completed wasted.

How many people have a piece of information or an introduction that could transform the business you’re pitching, or are concerned about part of it you haven’t considered.

I think I have a solution.

In two days since launch I’ve found 1,500 users that agree with me, and commitments to use the solution at pitching events like SydStart, Ed:Spark, the weekly pitch battles at Fishburners, and the Financial Village Venture Pitch Night.

The solution is a free app, which records your pitch and gives you a URL for the audience to open on their phones.

The audience can tap buttons to express feelings, or enter comments, and you can then watch the video with their feedback shown on top.

For judging, you can also compare the scores generated from different pitches, giving some real data to assist the judging team.

Install Feedback Fast today.  It’s completely free, and can capture the value you’re wasting.

If you’d like assistance in using it for larger events, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.